Khadeaux / Kvik Split

This trans-Atlantic collaboration marks the beginning of the Kvik-self-releases. This collaboration is the accomplishment of years of friendship and show how similar minds can converge to similar places despite vastly different backgrounds. Khadeaux is the solo project of kare szukam. Kvik, here releases its second official release after its beginning on Brise-Cul records with …Aux Fraises. Kvik here with a foot solidly in Drone, dabbles in Dark Ambient and psychedelia. A CDR of consistent vision and punishing efficiency.

Packaging: Steel and plastic on vinyl sleeve, screenprinted insert. Each package unique. 40 copies.

Vital Weekly said:

Khadeax and Kvik is a collaboration- with little information – name records is not a particularly useful signifier when it comes to google – KHADEAUX/KVIK gives 3 hits – 1 of which is Kviks myspace site – and links to the more dancey Khadeaux – but getting to this particular collaboration – its dark industrial slash drone slash echo and slash sci-fiy stuff. They glide zoom and swoop over imaginary planetary landscapes with noise and ominous rumblings- or at least they produce the sounds familiar to the darker sci fi landscapes of Gieger.

SOLD OUT! Some copies might be floating around in distros.


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