kvik – …aux fraises

SADE 062 Kvik - Aux Fraises... CDR
SADE 062 Kvik - Aux Fraises... CDR

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Brise Cul Records

Kvik’s first release. Brise Cul was nice enough to release that one. 3 long tracks or repetitive feedback drone enough to make to sleep in no more than a few minutes. Nominated in the long list for the Gamiq 2007 (sadly didn’t make the finalists.)

Packaging: Kodak paper photo in vinyl sleeve, Printed insert, spray-painted disk.

Like a journalist covering politic jumping off the fence to active politic, Montreal’s photograph and music journalist Simon Thibaudeau AKA Mindspell decided to jump the fence and to perform some noise music… As he is one of my best friend I strongly insisted in releasing his first release as it’s fucking amazing… Returning to his early noise influences like the old Cold Meat Industries sounds with the current Montreal analogue scene, Kvik provides a wild loud harsh spectrum of sound… The high quality of this recording quite impressive but not very surprising, Kvik having studied this kind of sounds for years… This is an impressive debut, a big surprise!

Vital Weekly said:

Kvik offers with ‘Aux Fraises’ his debut. He is described as ‘a new very intense drone project from Montreal’. Intense indeed. A drone can be soft and beautiful, but it usually has that overdrive of many sound layers adding a sort of rhythmic touch. Listening to a car engine can you give you the same effect and perhaps it was a source of inspiration for Kvik’s debut release. His three long pieces sound like car engines, and are loud and raw. But at the same time they also have some captivating. Perhaps just a little bit too long, but this sort of stuff needs it’s time to develop it’s drone like qualities. If drone music is something you can float away by, then Kvik is certainly not your man. But if you like a fair portion of drone as overdrive, ‘Aux Fraises’ certainly has class. (FdW)

A few copies are still available for purchase at Brise Cul


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