past performances

short list of past appearances and performances (in Montreal unless otherwise noted):

Prairie Fire pre-Goodbye night, 01 November 2013, KVIK with Greenhouse and Solar Coffin @ Purple Room of Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg

Monthly Experimental/Noise Night, 07 June 2013, KVIK with rosa reaper, kelsey braun, sphagnum, cloudfight, les klassen @ Negative Space, Winnipeg

Dah Dit Dah: 12 January 2013, KVIK with Hoover Death, Eris, WHALE, Fresh Water Girls, Cameron Johnson, Totally Normal Life, Cull Thrill, A.D.D. @ Negative Space, Winnipeg

-Noise Complaint: 9 July 2011, KVIK with Old Wyoming,  Elder is Staring and Dirty Wizard @ Death Church Basement, Montreal.

-Capturing Spontaneous Moments installation by John Brennan: 30 April 2011 improvisation with Kvik, Grkzgl, Darcin, John Brennan, Nimalan Yoganathan and more @ CJ Building, Loyola Campus, Concordia University

-Garbage Night: 21 January 2010, KVIK Solo performance, with Anne-F Jacques, Chansons D’Amour, Thomas, Michael Jachner Ensemble @ Burritoville, Montréal.

-Garbage Night: 17 Septembre 2010 KVIK collab with Lump with Éric Normand/Anne-F Jacques, Wapstan, Chansons D’amour, Josh Bastien, Michael Jachner Ensemble, RDC @ , Burritoville, Montréal

– Music Waste Festival: 4 June 2010 with Von Bingen, Souns, Konx Ohm Pax, Holzkopf, Robert Pederson, Filip Gorecki @ VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver, BC.

-24 April 2010 with Crank Sturgeon, Incapables, KVIK and Dios Project @ Strange Maine, Portland, Maine.

-23 April 2010, Wapstan, GRKZGL, Incapables, A Snake in the Garden and KVIK @ SEABA, Burlington, Vermont.

-Garbage Night: 19 March 2010, Grkzgl, Pon de Replay, John Brennan&Metis Yeti, KVIK&Jade Malek, Nicolas&Anne-F @ Burritoville, Montreal

-Les Tapes Sua Yeule Présentent: 12 March 2010: Hyena Hive, Chansons d’Amour, Minibloc, Wapstan, RDC, KVIK with GMACKRR @ l’Envers, Montreal

-Organic Noise Afternoon #2: August 9 2009, ; with Darcin, GRKZGL, Grand Nord, Ghost of Ghazal, and more. @ Mackenzie King Park, Montréal

-Organic Noise Afternoon #1: June 13 2009, @ Mackenzie King Park; with V for Velveeta, Ghosts of Ghazal, GRKZGL, Wapstan, Pon de Replay and more.

-Montreal Knows No Wave, No? No! #15 :Thursday December 25th 2008, Casa del Popolo, 4873 st. laurent; with Audrey Chen (Baltimore).

-Pop Montreal 2008: Expo of handmade musical instruments. Participated with contact-miced bass-string ball @ Cagibi, Montreal

-Le Placard (Open_lab @ Mutek), 28 Juin 2008, SAT. with Aun, Deluge, Des cailloux et du carbone, Magali Babin, Nancy Tobin, Nicolas Dion, Orphx, Steve Bates, Szkieve, Thierry Gauthier, Victor, Vorpal, Wapstan, Martin Tetrault & +++.

-New England mini tour: 7 June 2008, Gas Attic, Providence RI; with Diagram: A + Greyskull, GRKZGL, Wapstan, Goatslut.

-New England mini tour: 6 June 2008 – Northampton MA. with Diagram: A + Greyskull, GRKZGL Wapstan.

-Textures #18, 27 October 2007, Cagibi, with Midwifery and Reno Air.

-Under Society, 21 Septembre 2007, undisclosed park in Montreal; with Darcin + Grkzgl, Shoebomber, Yellowknives, Gym Sweat, Selfish Implosions, Metis Yeti, The Brian Seeger Buffet.

-KVLT Summer Kamp 2007 afterparty, 04 august 2007, Potr:tr; with Gyges and Yellowknives.

-There was another one before that I cannot remember right now.


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