Garbage Night – KVIK performance

Posted by Kvik | News,Performance | Thursday 18 March 2010 1:37 pm

Kvik will be performing at Garbage Night this Friday March 19,

Lineup is following:

  • Grkzgl- solo
  • Brian Seeger aka Pon de Replay
  • John Brennan/ Metis Yeti
  • KVIK/Jade Malek aka LUMP
  • Minibloc

This generally starts early, around 8h30 so come and grab a Burrito, a beer and listen to some improv.

2055 Bishop, Montreal


HYENA HIVE // MINIBLOC // +++ bruit (with KVIK)

Posted by Kvik | News | Saturday 13 February 2010 8:16 pm
HYENA HIVE // MINIBLOC // +++ bruit

HYENA HIVE // MINIBLOC // +++ bruit

L’Envers, 185 avenue Van Horne
Friday March 12, 9 PM

Sights & sounds:

Hyena Hive
Fun apocalyptic times.

Your favourite mind-altering and mandible-droppingly awesome contact mic duo.

Chansons d’amour
Cabral Jacobs (sax) & GRKZGL (harsh noise pontifications) decided on a silly, silly name.
Joined by John Brennan on drums!

Roi Heenok was not available, so I called this guy instead.
Hear the latest of this microcassette master’s adventures in KVLT.

Gmackrr & Kvik
Team warbly synth goodness. First collaboration!

First gig for this Montreal newcomer. Thick, textured and dynamic walls of noise!

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