Simon Thibaudeau is Kvik. Based in Esquimalt, BC, home of the Lekwungen-speaking Esquimalt people, the project is the noisier side of my personality. Harsh noise, drone, ambient, distortion.



Past Performances

short list of past appearances and performances (in Montreal unless otherwise noted):

  • Curated BYOH monthly headphone concerts @ Dub Ditch Picnic and Goodwill, Winnipeg, from February 2015 until June 2016. Incomplete list of performers below (in order fo appearance):

  • Prairie Fire pre-Goodbye night, 01 November 2013, KVIK with Greenhouse and Solar Coffin @ Purple Room of Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg

  • Monthly Experimental/Noise Night, 07 June 2013, KVIK with rosa reaper, kelsey braun, sphagnum, cloudfight, les klassen @ Negative Space, Winnipeg

  • Dah Dit Dah: 12 January 2013, KVIK with Hoover Death, Eris, WHALE, Fresh Water Girls, Cameron Johnson, Totally Normal Life, Cull Thrill, A.D.D. @ Negative Space, Winnipeg

  • Noise Complaint: 9 July 2011, KVIK with Old Wyoming,  Elder is Staring and Dirty Wizard @ Death Church Basement, Montreal.

  • Capturing Spontaneous Moments installation by John Brennan: 30 April 2011 improvisation with Kvik, Grkzgl, Darcin, John Brennan, Nimalan Yoganathan and more @ CJ Building, Loyola Campus, Concordia University

  • Garbage Night: 21 January 2010, KVIK Solo performance, with Anne-F Jacques, Chansons D’Amour, Thomas, Michael Jachner Ensemble @ Burritoville, Montréal.

  • Garbage Night: 17 Septembre 2010 KVIK collab with Lump with Éric Normand/Anne-F Jacques, Wapstan, Chansons D’amour, Josh Bastien, Michael Jachner Ensemble, RDC @ Burritoville, Montréal

  • Music Waste Festival: 4 June 2010 with Von Bingen, Souns, Konx Ohm Pax, Holzkopf, Robert Pederson, Filip Gorecki @ VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver, BC.

  • 24 April 2010 with Crank Sturgeon, Incapables, KVIK and Dios Project @ Strange Maine, Portland, Maine.

  • 23 April 2010, Wapstan, GRKZGL, Incapables, A Snake in the Garden and KVIK @ SEABA, Burlington, Vermont.

  • Garbage Night: 19 March 2010, Grkzgl, Pon de Replay, John Brennan&Metis Yeti, KVIK&Jade Malek, Nicolas&Anne-F @ Burritoville, Montreal

  • Les Tapes Sua Yeule Présentent: 12 March 2010: Hyena Hive, Chansons d’Amour, Minibloc, Wapstan, RDC, KVIK with GMACKRR @ l’Envers, Montreal

  • Organic Noise Afternoon #2: August 9 2009, ; with Darcin, GRKZGL, Grand Nord, Ghost of Ghazal, and more. @ Mackenzie King Park, Montréal

  • Organic Noise Afternoon #1: June 13 2009, @ Mackenzie King Park; with V for Velveeta, Ghosts of Ghazal, GRKZGL, Wapstan, Pon de Replay and more.

  • Montreal Knows No Wave, No? No! #15 :Thursday December 25th 2008, Casa del Popolo, 4873 st. laurent; with Audrey Chen (Baltimore)

  • Pop Montreal 2008: Expo of handmade musical instruments. Participated with contact-miced bass-string ball @ Cagibi, Montreal

  • Le Placard (Open_lab @ Mutek), 28 Juin 2008, SAT. with Aun, Deluge, Des cailloux et du carbone, Magali Babin, Nancy Tobin, Nicolas Dion, Orphx, Steve Bates, Szkieve, Thierry Gauthier, Victor, Vorpal, Wapstan, Martin Tetrault & +++.

  • New England mini tour: 7 June 2008, Gas Attic, Providence RI; with Diagram: A + Greyskull, GRKZGL, Wapstan, Goatslut.

  • New England mini tour: 6 June 2008 - Northampton MA. with Diagram: A + Greyskull, GRKZGL Wapstan.

  • Textures #18, 27 October 2007, Cagibi, with Midwifery and Reno Air.

  • Under Society, 21 Septembre 2007, undisclosed park in Montreal; with Darcin + Grkzgl, Shoebomber, Yellowknives, Gym Sweat, Selfish Implosions, Metis Yeti, The Brian Seeger Buffet.

  • KVLT Summer Kamp 2007 afterparty, 04 august 2007, Potr:tr; with Gyges and Yellowknives.

  • There was another one before that I cannot remember right now.