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SADE 127 – KVIK – FEEDS – CDR – (For this third release on Brise-Cul, KVIK develops a more mature sound in my sense. This project, that is perhaps the most underrated in Montreal, explores more rythmic structures while keeping on the loud droney sound he’s been pleasing us with for a while. (slight grammatical edits by kvik)

A much different exploration of electronics in which feedbacks are manipulated in pulses and sometimes more complex rhythms. Synth drones complete the picture as background source. This album Attempts to package the sounds that have been the norm in KVIK ina different, perhaps more palatable, guise. These explorations remain with singular focus on the bleak, dark and melancholic spectrum of emotions that has been there from the beginning.

  1. Return Signal
  2. The Hand that Feeds
  3. Crack the Zero

On Brise-Cul Records


kvik – close

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  • Close – part 1
  • Close – part 2

On Brise-Cul Records

SADE 095 (Red 005) – KVIK – Close –CDR (For the fifth release in the Red Series (Canadian Noise Series), here is the second release for Brise-Cul from Montréal’s KVIK. Last year’s KVIK debut release …Aux Fraises was a very good collection of long tracks with feedback manipulations and effects. KVIK did a bunch of very small run releases since, marking a progression here and there. Our second effort from this project marks a certain shift soundwise while keeping the same spirit. This release shows more the use of synthesisers and metal that marks a solid upgrade in KVIK’s sound. This release contains 2 long hypnotic progressing slab of loud cold noise. I think this shows that KVIK is not a promising project anymore but a fucking solid act, not only now he performs amazing sets but records killer stuff!!!)



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